Software User Instructions

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Dear Friend,

Thanks for ordering the "Desktop Adsense Cash Machine".

Output Template Note:

We have included a "very basic" template for the pages you will generate.

We only included this very basic template so you would be forced to build your own templates.

Had we included a more complex template everyone using this software would have taken the easy route and all used the same provided template.

This would result in thousands of article content sites that looked the same, which would not be good.

Go to your C:\Programs\AdsenseCashMachine\Template folder and use our sample template to create your personal templates from.

Take note of all the required %Tokens% that are in the template and be sure you include them all in your template.

Don't forget to add your Google Adsense codes or links to your favorite affiliate programs!


Using The Software - Getting Started

Step #1

You use the controls in the Step 1 "New Project" to select the location of your output folder, your Article Page Template, and your Index Template with the folders on the left.

You then select how many articles you would like to collect, select the number of characters you would like to be included in your completed page names, and the output extension such as .htm, .html, .php

You then select the number or article links you would like on each index page.

Last in this step you select the format of your new page names from the radio buttons on the bottom of this step.

Step #2

You then select the source for the articles you wish to collect from the two drop down sources in the "Content Source" section.

There are many categories to select from.  Choose one close to your websites theme as the pages you are about to generate will help draw traffic to your site through search engines.

If you build out one site with many different subjects it is likely you will not rank high on any of them.  A tightly targeted website will always do better.

You can select the View Terms or View Source Website to see where the Article Directories where this content will be pulled from.

Finally after selecting your topic, click collect Articles.

Step #3

Captured Content.

In this step you will see the titles of the content that has been captured.

You can right click on any of the articles to view them.

Select the "Search And Analyze" to determine the keyword density ok the selected articles.

You may then wish to discard any articles that do not carry the keyword density for your targeted keywords.

After you are happy with your selection click "Generate Article/Indexes"

Your site has just been completed, go onto step 4 FTP to upload your site.

Step #4

The final step is to upload your site, you can do this manually with your own ftp software or you may use the included FTP button on Desktop Adsense Cash Machine.

Enter your FTP information as seen in the sample below and upload the completed files to your server.

Congratulations, you are know an Adsense Cash Machine PRO..


Need Support?

Best of luck!

P.S. Get your article websites up on the internet ASAP!

P.S.S. You can't make any money if you don't Take Action

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